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Cão de fila de São Miguel
also known as
Azores Cattle Dog


Karjakorven Beretta
owner: AutoDeFe



Karjakorven Zappa
at Hautapuron Hereford

Welcome to our working dog pages!

In these pages we present working dogs and give acknowledgement to them. The natural will of dogs to serve as a useful helper of their masters is the guiding principle which leads the efforts of our kennel in its breeding work. The AZORES CATTLE DOGS (CÃES DE FILA DE SÃO MIGUEL), bred by us, are experts in their working area: they are strong and resistant cattle herders from the isles of Azores. Their very firm inborn instinct for herding cattle and their strong characteristic of a watch and guarding dog are the "trumps" that have elevated their value indispensably high in their masters' eyes.
These pages are dedicated to these dogs, and with good reason, too!

Zappa at work

Zappa at work 1

Zappa at work 2

Zappa at work 3

Zappa at work 4

videos 1. & 2. of Mineral (added 3/20/2007)

Some videos of Unique

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Videos of our previous puppies


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Cão de Fila de São Miguel,
a working dog from the Azores
A brief breed description
The breed in Finland


New photo page
(last added 30/8/2014)
Old photo page
Older stories:
Puppies for sale (27.09.2009)
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Articles about
Cão de fila de São Miguel

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• Lihatalous (7/2007)
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• Maatilan Pellervo (8/2001)
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• Caes e Canicultura

• HundeWelt (11/1991)
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Azores cattle dog working

Azores cattle dog working

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